Animated GIF to jpg image Free online tool

Animated GIF to jpg image

Tool to convert animated GIF animations to jpg images. Animated GIF images contains more than one image frames added together, our tool will explode the GIF image and convert each image frames to JPG format. Just Upload Gif animations in tool and click convert to jpg button to convert all the image frames in animation to jpg. Once conversion process is completed, download button will be enabled to download all jpg images.

How this tool working?

Gif to jpg conversion tool will explode gif animations to individual images frames and convert them to jpg format. All the process are carried out using server side scripts. Your Gif animation will be properly uploaded to web server in a session based directory and explode it in to pieces, then convert each frames to jpg format. preview will be displayed in output container and download button is enabled, once conversion process is completed.

Is it free tool ?

Gif to jpg converter is completely free to use and it is a full version, no hidden payments, no sign up required, no demo versions and no other limitations. You can convert any number of GIF animations to jpg images without any restriction.

Is my images are secured ?

Yes, your images are secured and it is deleted in our server on daily basis. Your animations are uploaded under complex file path, which is created based on user session. So no one can access your GIF animation and jpg images.

Any skills needed ?

It is simple tool and no Special skills are required to convert GIF animation to jpg format. Just upload GIF animation and click convert to jpg button. Once conversion process is completed download button is enabled to download converted jpg images.

Is download option available ?

Yes, tool specifically having download button to download the converted jpg images in a click. Once conversion process is completed, the download button is enabled at the bottom of the image preview. Just click download button to save converted jpg images to device.